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8 Day Business Bootcamp

After studying and knowing, Take the next few days to understand and apply a SYSTEM of Duplication for you and your teams. The information here is a compilation of all of my training from numerous free and paid coaches I’ve hired over the last few years.

References: Eric Worre, Jay Bennet, Ray Higdon, Max Steingart, Todd Falcone, John & Nadya Melton, & Jessi Lee Ward plus numerous others. I am a constant student of the profession and I recommend you do the same. HOWEVER, be careful who you allow to train you. NOTE: only follow 1 or two at a time to keep yourself from getting confused and overwhelmed by the vast amount of roads you can take & too many ways of doing it.

I want to pass it to you and help you become as successful as possible in this profession.

What is JOY?

…. a journey of JOY, Just Overcome Yourself. On this team of amazing human beings, you will find the dreamers, the doers, & the leaders of the upcoming generations. We all struggle with our inner voice, telling us what to do and what to think all the time. This paves the road for our successes and JOY in life (or lack right?). It all changes here. Simple daily habits will change everything. Team JOY focuses on developing who we are meant to be, finding our reason for being here, overcoming the things that hold us back by serving the masses and helping them find their JOY as well. “The Key to success is service to many”. We are all leaders here. We are all business owners. We are all fighting something that no one knows anything about. That is why its important that we stick together and learn and grow to our greatest potential. This can and has been done right here.

Keep in mind that what you put into your journey is what you will get out of it. This training website is designed in a the simplest way possible, to help and aid you in all the tools you need to apply and grow yourself personally, socially, mentally, and financially. Plan on purpose and there are no limits on what you can BE, DO, & HAVE in this life and beyond. This is a SIMPLE lifestyle business built with SIMPLE DAILY behaviors repeated over time. TIME will grow your business as you stay consistent in these daily SYSTEMS.

Lets Build your rocketship one day at a time!!!…..

Day #1: How to Get Started in Isa


  • START at ISAGENIXBUSINESS.COM FIRST!!! (Draw attention to the 90 day Game Plan Business Workbook)
  • Go Over the Intro Email carefully
  • Daily learning on (start here button above)
  • Be able to explain what separates Isagenix from other nutritional programs
  • First Warm Market Business Launch Seasonal “Sip & Share” How to.

Day #2: How to help someone else get started


  • make appt to go over YOUR welcome email before getting off phone during initial order
  • Plug your new person into your isatools drip system (optional)
  • Welcome call no more than 15-20 min
  • Make sure they subscribe and SEE this website but you do not have to take a lot of time explaining this site to them. It explains itself. SIMPLIFY your processes.
  • MAKE sure that EVERYONE enrolls in Isabodychallenge & HealthyMind&Body
  • SCHEDULE another follow up call/text/connection for their first week on the system!!
  • Help them book their first Season Sip & Share to expose their warm market. How to in Day 1.

Day #3: How to Make Money


  • Know, practice drawing, and be able to explain the compensation plan
  • Become a Manager Machine
  • Placement Tree strategy
  • How much is 1 builder worth to you?
  • Build as a team, team volume, team calls & business meetings
  • CELEBRATING your teams advancements, posts, gifts, etc.
  • DO NOT get caught up in Team Management

Day #4: Become an EVENT Promoter


  • Leaders do not miss events.
    • They go, show up, be examples, come up with team incentives, inclusive and exclusive groups, competitions all in the name of events, Prizes and giveaways, etc.
    • We built because of and between events. When you master becoming an event promoter, you will have mastered securing your down line. International, national, state, city, local, and your own events. Team calls, webinars, and meetings. Etc. All events.
  • Home parties/warm market
  • Team calls, corporate calls, cleansing calls, etc. front page, etc..
  • Events create belief. its not always about you. Your team members will MORPH at their first events, and then they will pass that on, thus creating BELIEF duplication that can ONLY occur at events.
  • Know when and where they are, near your business builders
  • Be the first to get your ticket!

 Day #5: Basics of Prospecting. ABCs & 123s


  • What is Your Goal in 30 Days _______ 90 Days ________ 1 Year ________ 2)
  • Characteristics of Success:
    • A) Attitude – Are You a Positive, solution based person?
    • B) Belief – Believe in the Products, Network Marketing, & YOU
    • C) Commitment – 3 Key Things you must have:
      • 1) Burning Desire (Something that you have to have)
      • 2) Willingness to Work (Set up a Daily Method of Operation)
      • 3) Coach-able (Willing to Learn & Take Instruction)
  • The BASICS
    • 1) Use the Products
      • Be Your Own Best Customer, Document Your Results, Share Your Story
      • Register for FREE (Earn Minimum $600 in FREE PRODUCTS each year)
      • Register for ($39; Receive $45 in FREE PRODUCTS)
      • Get 2 People Immediately on the Products with You (share your 30 second story)
      • Use for ALL product Questions & training
    • 2) Talk to People
      • Use your Friend Lists from people you know & social Media & Start Organizing them into IsaTools (Please train on this software using Youtube training videos)
        • Small List 5-10 Names
        • Big List 100 Plus Names
      • FORM to start a conversation: Ask them questions about… (Family, Occupation, Recreational, Message)
      • Continue to add to Your List as You grow Your Business/Your Team/Social Media
      • Who do you Know that … – Eats Food? Overweight? Community Leader? Network Marketing? etc.
      • Sample out the Products
      • Develop Relationships (Takes 4-7 Exposures before people make Decisions)
      • Study Every video on & the IsaTools Mobile App (Be a Tour Guide & Order Taker)
      • Become a Consultant (Enroll 2 Associates ) immediately & Get PAID
      • Then Become Crystal Manager (Enroll 2 Consultants) Earn over $1,000
      • Any Objections – Never Argue – Use FEEL, FELT, FOUND
    • 3) Use the Tools
      • Leverage the Tools to create DUPLICATION
      • Plug into our Wednesday Weekly phone meeting overview from anywhere on the planet
      • How Many New People did You have … * watch isamovie * on a 3/way call * on Conf call * Invited to an Event * Send a tool from IsaTools
      • Set Launch Party Date: __________________
      • MAP out Your daily or weekly Schedule
      • Meetings, Appointments, Training, & Personal Development
      • Condense Time Frames by Creating Structure in Your Day / Week / Month
      • How Many People You Have at EVENTS will Determine Your Income – PERIOD!
      • Study

“It is not in the Stars to hold our destiny but in Ourselves” – William Shakespeare

Day #6: PART 1 – Profile, Groups, Pages, & Posts


  • How to build your professional profiles
  • How to use groups to grow your business
  • What to post and when
  • Using a Business Page vs. Profile
  • The Anatomy of A Live Video
Day #6: PART 2 – MATM Formula & Daily Method of Operation

Takeaways & Scripts:

  • Using your Likes, Shares, and Comments as prospecting Lists
    • MATM
  • Introducing your self professionally to new connects
  • 5-5-3

 Day #7: Daily Personal Development & Business Training

Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins. – Jim Rohn


  • Grow Your mind daily. Who you are at the core contributes to how great a legacy you leave behind you.
  • Know your Profession and stay in the now by learning something new daily and then teaching it to others.
    • 20-30 min per day is all you need. “What you focus on expands…for good or bad.”
  • Continue to FindYourJOY using the BookShelf we made for you
  • Mechanic to Millioniare Personal Development Course <——- PHENOMENAL!!

Day #8:  4 Phases of Ranking + Short Review/updates



*5 Categories to hit each day: new friends, introduce, add & tag, present, follow up

SCRIPTS for this Phase:


SCRIPTS for this Phase:

(When you are ready) Deeper Business Coaches & Trainers

This is the last module because after you have done the others, you will find that you may want to hire some the industry’s top coaches & leaders, absorb their free content, and just plain learn how to EXPLODE your dreams and your empire. I have paid for and compiled my favorite coaches for you. The key is to KEEP IT SIMPLE, do not follow too many coaches at once, and pick ONLY 1 or two of those people who have BUILT WHAT YOU WANT TO BUILD ALREADY, and speak your values, morals, and business love language and DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO!!!

You will feel your way and learn as you go as long as you NEVER STOP LEARNING. Here is a list of my favorite small business and network marketing professional coaches.

Onward & Upward!! See you at the top!!
Questions, Comments, Concerns, Jokes?